Equipping youth to serve

TeachingA special desire of YWAM Canada is to provide as many occasions as possible to ensure that young people are better equipped to serve their neighbors around the world. The main way is through our Discipleship Training School (DTS).

Currently we offer 20 DTS's throughout Canada at various times of year. If you want to experience all that life has to offer, check info below and get involved today! (Alphabetical list) If you want to out more info, please contact today!

If you are interested in doing a Secondary level school in Canada, CLICK HERE for a complete list of those schools and locations.

Alaska - Homer
YWAM Arctic Mercy
2x per year
Jan-May: Kingdom Culture DTS
Jun-Oct: Summer DTS
Target Nations: St. Lawrence Island, Far East Russia, Northern Japan, Mongolia, Northern China. Ph: 907.235.9339
E-mail: ywamakam@yahoo.com
Web: www.ywamalaska.com
Alberta - Calgary
YWAM Oasis
Spring (12 weeks - in Korean)
Target Nations: China & Japan
Ph: 403.969.9191
Fx: 403.208.3127
E-mail: ywamoasis@yahoo.ca
Alberta - Fort McMurray
YWAM Fort McMurray - Genesis DTS
1x per year
Fall: September (English)
Target Nation: Northern Canada
Ph: 780.748.3737
Fx: 780.748.3738
E-mail: ywamfortmcmurray@yahoo.ca
Web: www.ywamfortmcmurray.org
Video: YWAM Fort McMurray Promo
Alberta - Medicine Hat
Global Prayer House - Pursuit Internship DTS
2x per year (English)
Mar 25-Aug 11: Prayer & Worship DTS
Sept 23-Feb 9: Prayer & Worship DTS
Focuses: Prayer, Worship, Prophetic, Revival, Healing, Signs & Wonders
Target Nations: Philippines & India
Toll Free: 1.844.580.5981
Fax: 403.527.3746
E-mail: info@pursuitinternship.com
Web: Pursuit Internship DTS
Video: Pursuit Internship DTS Promo
Alberta - Turner Valley
YWAM Turner Valley DTS
2x per year
Harvest DTS: April - August
Mountain Venture DTS: July - Dec
Target Nation: The Shan people of SE Asia.
Ph: 403.933.3755
Fx: 403.933.3754
E-mail: turnervalley@ywam.ca
Web: www.ywamturnervalley.org
Video: Turner Valley DTS Promo

British Columbia - Grand Forks
YWAM Grand Forks
Fall DTS: Oct-March
Target Nation: Cuba, Others
c/o Larry or Elsie Dannhauer
7265 North Forks Road
Grand Forks, BC
V0H 1H2 Canada
Ph: 250.442.2339
Fx: 250.442.2339
E-mail: info@ywamgrandforks.ca
Web: www.ywamgrandforks.ca

British Columbia - Vancouver
YWAM Hockey
P.O. Box 57100
RPO East Hastings
Vancouver, BC
V5K 5G6 Canada
Ph: 778.228.1283
Fx: 604.436.4466
E-mail: hockey@ywamhockey.com
Web: www.ywamhockey.com
Video: YWAM Hockey DTS Promo

British Columbia - Vancouver
YWAM Vancouver DTS
2x per year
Fall DTS: Sept - Feb
Spring DTS: April - August
Target Nation: Thailand, Nepal, Myanmar, Asia
Ph: 604.255.5262
Fx: 604.255.9670
E-mail: dts@ywamvancouver.org
Web: www.ywamvancouver.org
Video: YWAM Vancouver DTS
British Columbia - Oliver
Global Gateway - DTS
1x per year
September-February (English)
Target Nations: India, South Korea, & Canada
Ph: 778.439.2312
Fx: 778.439.2201
E-mail: ywamggdts@gmail.com
Web: www.ywam-globalgateway.org
British Columbia - Oliver
Global Gateway - English For Missions
2x per year
Fall: Sept-Dec
Spring: March - June
Ph: 778.439.2312
Fx: 877.786.2465
E-mail: ywamggefm@gmail.com
Web: www.ywam-globalgateway.org
British Columbia - Nanaimo
Discovery DTS
2 x per year
Spring: April - September
Fall: September - February
Ph: 250.591.9650
E-mail: join-us@ywamnanaimo.com
Web: www.ywamnanaimo.com
Manitoba - Island Breeze
Island Breeze - 360° DTS
1x per year
May to September (English)
Target Nations: Various Nations
Ph: 204.371.7542
E-mail: islandbreezemb@gmail.com
Web: ywamislandbreeze.com
Nova Scotia - Truro
YWAM Truro
1x per year
Various target nations.
Ph: 902.957.0205
E-mail: dts@ywamtruro.ca
Web: www.ywamtruro.ca
Ontario - Muskoka
YWAM Muskoka
2x per year (English)
Sept: Ignite DTS
Sept: Edge DTS
Ph: 705.205.3279
E-mail: ywammuskoka@gmail.com
Web: www.ywammuskoka.org
Ontario - Toronto
YWAM Toronto
1x per year (English)
March: DTS
March: Eagle's DTS (EDS)
Ph: 519.938.9840
E-mail: ywamtoronto@gmail.com
Web: www.ywamtoronto.org
Quebec - Dunham
YWAM Dunham
3x per year (bi-lingual French/English)
Jan - July: Arts & Music DTS
Sept - Mar: Compassion DTS
April NEW - Sports DTS
Focuses: The French World, the Arts, Families
Ph: 450.295.2744
Fax: 450.295.2555
E-mail: reception@jemdunham.com
Web: www.ywamdunham.com
If you are interested in doing a Secondary level school in Canada, CLICK HERE for a complete list of those schools and locations.  

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